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Visual In-Tank Gauge

electric tank gauge

Fuel Sending Units & Accessories

Part No. Description
1889 1/2″  to 3/8″ Ball Check Drain

Ball Check Drain

Part No. Description
PPM08 1/2″ Magnetic Pipe Plug
PPM12 3/4″ Magnetic Pipe Plug
PPM16 1″ Magnetic Pipe Plug
Magnetic drain plug
dash board dial

Magnetic Drain Plug

Dash board Indicator Dial

Dial Model #DU-3 (0 to 90 Ohms) — $79.40 ea.

Dial Model #DU-5 (240 to 33 Ohms) — $66.96 ea.​

Ball check drain plug

Electric In-Tank Gauge

Adjustable 6″ to 24″ Deep Tanks​

Part No. Resistance OHMS Price
GK-2 16 to 158 $69.96 Each
GK-3-30 90 to 0 $69.96 Each
GK-5-30 240 to 33 $69.96 Each
Visual Tank gauge

Each driver depends on his or her gas gauge to plan long road trips and regular gas station stops. The gas amount reflected on the dashboard display depends on the successful transmission of the current gas level by the fuel sending unit. Unfortunately, fuel sending unit problems cause gas gauges to incorrectly reflect when a driver needs to make that next stop and re-fuel. The gauge might stick in one place or randomly move to different places even after adding gas to the tank. The check engine light typically illuminates as well. Luckily, replacing these problems prevents the inconvenience of a breakdown on the way to work or in unfamiliar territory.

Part No. Description Price
DR-26 adjustable 5″ to 26″ deep tanks visual sending unit $98.02 each