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Aluminum GMC Tanks

Top Kick

  • Pocket Step
  • Riser Plate
  • Step Bushings
  • Tapered Bottom
  • Riser Plate
  • Step Clips​
  • Diameters:
    • 11×24 Tapered Bottom
    • 15×24 Tapered Bottom
    • 15×25 Rectangle
    • 18×26 Rectangle
  • Profiles: Rectangle, Tapered
  • Finishes: Milgrade (brushed aluminum) or Polished (like chrome)
  • Mounting: Driver, Ditch
  • Fill: Front, Center, Rear, or Custom Warranty: 1 year warranty* (*voided by customer modifications)

Diesel Fuel Tanks

You take good care of your GMC or Chevy truck. So when you notice your truck smells strongly of gasoline or diesel fuel , you know it’s time to replace your fuel tank. But what type of fuel tank should you invest in? 

When it comes to fuel tanks, aluminum is one of manufacturers’ top choices because it is impermeable, which means it helps limit harmful emissions. At SouthTowns Specialties, LLC, we build a wide range of aluminum GM fuel tanks for both Chevy and GMC trucks. 

Truck Models We Build Tanks For 

We make GM fuel tanks for many different medium- and heavy-duty truck models, including these: 


Top Kick


If you don’t see your truck model listed, please email us at . 

Types of Steel GM Tanks 

You can turn to us for tanks of any size, from 30 gallons to 81 gallons. Most of our tanks come with step clips to firmly attach the step to your tank. We also offer both center step tanks and between-the-frame tanks for gas or diesel engines.  

No matter which tank features you’re looking for, we can help you find the right model. If you’re unsure which type of tank is best for your vehicle, contact us and ask one of our knowledgeable employees. 

Ordering from SouthTowns Specialties, LLC 

SouthTowns Specialities, LLC is your online source for any type of GMC fuel tank. When you buy through us, you’ll pay much less than you would through a major dealer. Our tanks are FMCSA approved and should last for many years. 

We’re happy to answer any of your questions about your specific vehicle. Scroll through the options below, then contact us at (716) 592-4993 to order.​

Aluminum GMC Tanks

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