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FM style bracket

FM Style

Steel Cylinder Brackets

Bracket & Strap Kits

  • Bracket Kit: Consists of 2 hangers and 2 straps with nuts.

​We provide a full line of options to assist in the mounting of a diesel fuel tank in a variety of locations. Please notice that our mounting systems are “heavy duty” and meet the industry standard design.

We can provide a full line of standard brackets including Cradle Brackets with Integrated Strap, “L” Brackets, “J” Style Brackets and Basic Cradle Brackets. These brackets can be mounted on frame rails, in-between frame rails, on top or under the deck.

​Brackets, Straps and Rubber Insulators can be purchased individually or as a complete kit. 

DP Style bracket
FM-16 16″ Diameter $156.95
FM-18 18″ Diameter $143.96
FM-20 20″ Diameter $143.96
FM-22 22″ Diameter $143.96
DP-24 24″ Diameter $202.94
DP-26 26″ Diameter $202.94
DP-28 28″ Diameter $202.94


DP Style

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