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  • Cylinder tanks: Our cylinder tanks come with draw/return tubes behind the weld seam.
  • Rectangle tanks: Our rectangle tanks come with a pocket step option as well as an adapter plate or individual fittings.
  • D-Shaped tanks: Our D-shaped tanks come with a round front, a flat back, and an adapter plate.

If you’re unsure what option best suits your truck, don’t worry. We have a team of knowledgeable representatives ready to help answer questions and find the right tank for you.

Tank Options

Our cylinder fuel tanks come in an array of diameters, sizes, finishes, mountings, and fill locations.

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Western star fuel tank

Need a fuel tank? Need it fast? We’ve got you covered. At SouthTowns Specialties, LLC, our team aims to exceed your expectations with one of our high-quality, efficient Western Star fuel tanks, delivered within 5 to 7 business days.

SouthTowns Specialties fabricates Western star tanks in 22" diameters. Our cylindrical tanks can be up to 90" long from weld seam to weld seam (85" for Peterbilt style tanks) and built up to 200 gallons in capacity. In addition to cylindrical, we craft rectangular, "D" shaped, and tapered bottom (GMC style) tanks up to 60" long. Your tanks can be outfitted with a variety of fitting types, configurations and quantities. We also manufacture tanks with wet kits (split tanks) and hydraulic oil or water tanks.

We have years of experience and an inventory to prove it. We offer cylinder, rectangle, and D-shaped tanks at a fraction of the cost you’ll pay for a tank from major truck dealers. We understand that medium- and heavy-duty trucks require a tank that lasts. That’s exactly what you’ll find with our always-FMCSA-approved tanks.

Cylinder, Rectangle, and D-Shaped Tanks

Don’t invest in an overpriced cylinder, rectangle, or D-shaped tank from a dealership. Instead, invest in a tank with longevity and stamina. Our tanks have a long lifespan and will surprise you with their strength.​

Aluminum Western Star Tanks

  • Diameters: 22″
  • Profiles: Cylinder
  • Finishes: Milgrade (brushed aluminum) or Polished (like chrome)
  • Mounting: Driver, Ditch, Flat
  • Fill: Front, Center, Rear, or Custom
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty*
    • *voided by customer modifications
  • Options: Split, Hydraulic only
  • Some images depict different configurations
Western star fuel tank

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