Sight Level Gauge

  • Zinc plated steel
  • Rated at 125 PSI/250°F
Part No. Description Size
HSG075 Sight level gauge 3/4″ NPT
HSG100 Sight level gauge 1″ NPT
HLLG1 5″ Hydraulic Liquid Level Gauge 1/2″ -13 NC thd.

Filler Breather Weld Flange Adapter

  • 12 gauge flange is designed to weld to the top of reservoirs to adapt to most standard filler breather units.
  • Provides 1″ rise.
HBF4 Breather cap

Oil Level Gauge with Temperature Indicator

HLLG1 Hydraulic level gauge
Part No. Description Weight
TFA005715 Filler-strainer breather cap assembly .56 lbs.
TFA005715L Fill-strainer breather cap assembly w/ locking tab .56 lbs.
BC40 Filler-strainer breather cap assembly w/ plastic basket .74 lbs.
TC0015 Filler breather replacement cap w/ chain .33 lbs.

Magnetic Drain Plug

PPM12 Magnetic drain plug
HSG075 Sight level gauge
BC40 Breather cap with plastic strainer
Part No. Description Weight
LDR02 Oil Level Gauge w/ temp indicator, Glass .65 lbs.
LCR04 Oil Level Gauge w/ temp indicator, Poly. .65 lbs.
Part No. Description A B
HBF2 1/8″ NPT 1.80 2.10
HBF4 1/4″ NPT 1.80 2.10
HBF6 3/8″ NPT 1.80 2.10
HBF8 1/2″ NPT 2.50 2.60
HBF12 3/4″ NPT 3.10 2.75
HBF12P 3/4″ NPT Plastic 1.70 1.80
HBF16 1″ NPT 3.10 3.00
Part No. Description
PPM08 1/2″ Magnetic Pipe Plug
PPM12 3/4″ Magnetic Pipe Plug
PPM16 1″ Magnetic Pipe Plug

Breather Cap

  • These units act as ventilators to provide a free flow of clean, fresh air into hydraulic fluid, fuel, oil, chemical and coolant tanks or reservoirs.
  • Large oil resistant filter elements filter dirt and dust particles as small as 4 micron.
TFA005715 Filler-strainer breather cap
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Part No. Description
BEC061A Push-in type breather cap for 11/2″ O.D. tube- Chrome
BEC061AB Push-in type breather cap for 11/2″ O.D. tube- Black

Hydraulic Tank Parts

Filler-Strainer Breather Cap Assembly

  • Contains 1/4 turn chrome filler breather (40 micron) cap w/ chain.
  • “Hydraulic fluid only” stamped on cap.
  • Six self tapping screws.
  • One 30 micron strainer basket.
  • One mounting flange w/ 2 gaskets.

Push-in type Breather Cap​​

Part No. Description Weight
TFA001 Steel Filler breather weld flange adaptor .61 lbs.
TFA001A Alum. Filler breather weld flange adaptor .22 lbs.
LDR02 Oil level gauge
BEC061A Push-in breather cap