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Part No. Description
BEC061A Push-in type breather cap for 11/2″ O.D. tube- Chrome
BEC061AB Push-in type breather cap for 11/2″ O.D. tube- Black

Sight Level Gauge

  • Zinc plated steel
  • Rated at 125 PSI/250°F
Part No. Description Size
HSG075 Sight level gauge 3/4″ NPT
HSG100 Sight level gauge 1″ NPT
HLLG1 5″ Hydraulic Liquid Level Gauge 1/2″ -13 NC thd.

Filler Breather Weld Flange Adapter

  • 12 gauge flange is designed to weld to the top of reservoirs to adapt to most standard filler breather units.
  • Provides 1″ rise.
HBF4 Breather cap

Oil Level Gauge with Temperature Indicator

HLLG1 Hydraulic level gauge
Part No. Description Weight
TFA005715 Filler-strainer breather cap assembly .56 lbs.
TFA005715L Fill-strainer breather cap assembly w/ locking tab .56 lbs.
BC40 Filler-strainer breather cap assembly w/ plastic basket .74 lbs.
TC0015 Filler breather replacement cap w/ chain .33 lbs.

Magnetic Drain Plug

Hydraulic Tank Parts

Filler-Strainer Breather Cap Assembly

  • Contains 1/4 turn chrome filler breather (40 micron) cap w/ chain.
  • “Hydraulic fluid only” stamped on cap.
  • Six self tapping screws.
  • One 30 micron strainer basket.
  • One mounting flange w/ 2 gaskets.

Push-in type Breather Cap​​

Part No. Description Weight
TFA001 Steel Filler breather weld flange adaptor .61 lbs.
TFA001A Alum. Filler breather weld flange adaptor .22 lbs.
PPM12 Magnetic drain plug
LDR02 Oil level gauge
BEC061A Push-in breather cap
HSG075 Sight level gauge
BC40 Breather cap with plastic strainer
Part No. Description Weight
LDR02 Oil Level Gauge w/ temp indicator, Glass .65 lbs.
LCR04 Oil Level Gauge w/ temp indicator, Poly. .65 lbs.
Part No. Description A B
HBF2 1/8″ NPT 1.80 2.10
HBF4 1/4″ NPT 1.80 2.10
HBF6 3/8″ NPT 1.80 2.10
HBF8 1/2″ NPT 2.50 2.60
HBF12 3/4″ NPT 3.10 2.75
HBF12P 3/4″ NPT Plastic 1.70 1.80
HBF16 1″ NPT 3.10 3.00
Part No. Description
PPM08 1/2″ Magnetic Pipe Plug
PPM12 3/4″ Magnetic Pipe Plug
PPM16 1″ Magnetic Pipe Plug

Breather Cap

  • These units act as ventilators to provide a free flow of clean, fresh air into hydraulic fluid, fuel, oil, chemical and coolant tanks or reservoirs.
  • Large oil resistant filter elements filter dirt and dust particles as small as 4 micron.
TFA005715 Filler-strainer breather cap